Interview with Amie Freling Brown

//Interview with Amie Freling Brown

Interview with Amie Freling Brown

Designer. Muralist. Faux Finisher. Blogger. Brand Ambassador.

Amie Freling-Brown claims all these titles, having built a career that has flowed from her creative passions. “I come from a family of artists and very creative people,” says Brown, whose Rochester, New York, studio, Meme Hill, is an homage to her grandparents: Her maternal Italian grandfather, affectionately called Meme, was a woodworker who asked Amie to paint his carved tulips, and her paternal grandmother, Grandma Hill, was an art teacher who always urged her to be creative.

We sat down with Amie to talk about how her multifaceted career has flourished in the 25 years since she started painting vintage furniture from weekend flea markets.

“For all my jobs, I’m picking up Progress Lighting,” says designer Amie Freling-Brown, a design consultant for Morrell Builders who decorates their model homes. “They want something that’s eye catching and pretty ‘wow’ factor.” For the model home at Greenpoint Trail, which is located on a golf course in Pittsford, New York, Amie chose fixtures based on the story she created for the home—something she does with every model. “Here, it was Hampton Chic: Clean, bright, comfortable, classic. Hamptons style, but completely usable.”

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