Quartz or Granite?

//Quartz or Granite?

Quartz or Granite?

Author: Julia Punzi, Design Associate

While designing your dream kitchen, you will undoubtably come across the decision with your designer, Quartz or Granite? One of the most popular questions we get from our clients when they come to visit our showroom is “What is the difference between Quartz and Granite?” “Which one is better?”

Well, the answer could be either, depending on your needs and taste!

Granite is a natural product, excavated directly from the earth in large blocks. Those large blocks are then cut into slabs, and then polished to show their inherent beauty! Granite color and pattern can vary slightly or greatly from the same source. Many people feel that those imperfections and variances are what make granite so appealing, because each piece is one of a kind. Granite is considered a porous product so does need to be sealed every now and then to protect the finish and keep your surface free of bacteria.

Quartz is a man-made product, replicated to look like many kinds of stone. Quartz is made up of mostly, you guessed it- quartz! Approximately 93% quartz crystals, and the rest is ground up resin and binding material. The mixture is then formed into slabs, which makes up the quartz product that ends up in your home. Quartz is appealing to many homeowners because it is a low maintenance product. It is non-porous, compared to its granite counterpart.  It does not need to be sealed, due to the resin binding material used in fabrication. Both granite and quartz are stain resistant, with quartz performing slightly higher in that department because it is less-porous. Because it is a man-made product, the color and pattern are often more uniform from slab to slab.

Another popular question: Can you put a scorching hot plate directly on quartz or granite? Since this is an investment in your home that cost you a pretty penny, we would not recommend doing so. It may damage the finish over time, and this would inherently void your warranty, so always use caution when handling a hot plate and treat your countertop as you would any investment in your home that you hope to have for years.

So, which do you choose? Quartz or Granite? For many of our clients, the decision comes right down to appearance. Do you want a more uniform look with a pattern that is relatively consistent? Or do the natural characteristics made by mother earth appeal more to you? Come into the showroom and let our designers guide you!

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