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The Inde Difference


Author: Aubre Fox, Design Consultant

Here at Inde, we are literally “the entire package.” We will help you from the preliminary measurements and hold your hand from the selection process, through the actual remodel and right until the bitter—yet very sweet—end.

Let’s use a racetrack as a metaphor to explain our process, ‘cause let’s be real—you want this done fast. You wanted to be enjoying your new space yesterday!

START YOUR ENGINES! The Lead on your project is one of our very talented Kitchen Designers, who will ask you about your current space, help you prioritize your wish list and be holding your hand as you cross over the starting line.

GREEN FLAG MEANS GO!  Your Kitchen Designer will help put your ideas on paper. They specialize in the cabinetry and countertops. They know the ins and outs, the doors and drawers, and want you to have a space that will work for you.

HERE COMES THE SECOND LAP! You will meet your next Design Professional, the “Design Consultant.” They will help you with the other details not selected with the Kitchen Designer. The tile, flooring, lighting, plumbing, paint and any other detail that has not been selected thus far. You will meet with both of these designers to solidify and confirm every detail for your remodel.

LET’S KEEP THE PEDAL DOWN as we head into our third lap! Next up, your Project Manager enters the race to verify mechanicals and that all aspects of the design will be feasible in the field. He will guide you throughout your next lap around the track, the remodel process. Our own installers as well as trade professionals will make your beautiful designs come to life. Keep in mind that the remodel is messy but remember that it will all be worth it!

UH-OH, IS THAT A POT HOLE? It’s just a little bump in the road, don’t fret! If something unexpected pops up, our team of professionals we will converse, fill you in and handle this together to keep your project on track. Is that a checkered flag waving in the distance?

FINALLY, THE FINISH LINE! The project manager will do a walkthrough after the project is substantially complete and tie up any loose ends before we pack up our bags for good and get out of your hair.

PHOTO FINISH! You can relax, you made it to the end. Now comes the very best part, you can show off your new space, kick your feet up and pat yourself on the back. YOU MADE IT!

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